Sheep Shearer
Sheep Shearer image1
Fred the Farmer
Vital statistics
Start Start of the Quest
End End of the Quest
Prerequisites Prerequisites
Level No level requirements
Location The chicken farm north of Lumbridge Castle
Previous Next
Cook's Assistant N/A

This is the second quest for RuneScape that JaGeX released, Cook's Assistant being the first.


Fred says that he believes a dark beast has been killing his sheep, and asks you to get some balls of wool for him.


First, go north along the path outside the farm and go to the abandoned house. Take the shears, and head back to the farm. Use the shears on five sheep to get wool. Take your wool and go to the second floor of Lumbridge Castle, and use the wool on the spinning wheel to get balls of wool. Take these back to Fred to get your reward!


60gp, 1 quest point, crafting experience